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image.php?image=b17paul112.jpg&dl=11. Bing Webmaster Tools

While Google's webmaster tools work well, it forgets that Bing Webmaster offers a complete set of web analytics and searches. Keyword reports, keyword research, and data mining are especially useful.

2. Data Studio

If you need to combine data with multiple resources (such as Search Console and Google Analytics), you need to evaluate and share them. This is a comfortable area of Google Data Studio. See the resources you can make for free to review SEO tasks and controls from Le Hover Google Data Studio.

3. Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations

How do you know if your decrease (or increase) is due to the Google algorithms update or an important holiday? This is a highly recommended extraction for Google Chrome, which includes extra data from your analysis, so you can easily send screenshots to customers, to show how external forces have affected traffic.

4. Google Analytics

The largest corner of the world and the most widely used Web Analysis Package. To be free, Google Analytics is amazingly strong and works well with other Google products like customizable, search console, and data studio. Some people have privacy issues with GA, though Google believes that data will not be used for search ranking.

5. Search Console

Perhaps the most useful free SEO tool on the list. It is difficult to imagine modern SEO without access to the Google Search Console data. This is the most reliable place for information that Google analyses and classifies its site. This is the only place where you can get reliable keyword statistics.

6. Keyword Hero

Did anyone say (not said)? Keyword heroes try to solve the problem of losing keyword data with advanced mathematics and learning the machine. This is not a perfect system, but for those who have had trouble connecting keywords with conversion to the site and another matrix, the data can be a precious step in the right direction. Price is free up to 2000 sessions/months.

7. MozCast

The original idea of the doctor is through the original tracking of Peter and Google SERP, the MozCast, Tracking Regulator algorithms, whether it is an important update or not. Also, there are useful SERP tracking features that define the importance of features such as announcements and knowledge panel.

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8. Beam Us Up

If you need a free desktop robot then you cannot beam better than us. Although it does not offer many features as a frog, it provides 100% free and unlimited research. Only for windows.

9. Link Redirect Trace

As a free extension of Chrome, many SEOs recommend the redirect trace link as "One-way Analysis for All Directories". It contains information about LinkResearchTools Matrix for HTTP headers, rail-canonical, robots. Txt files, and basic links. The Savings Screenshot feature is very useful.

10. Redirect Path

Like link tracking, the restaurant way for Erica is a modern and easy-to-use way in which you show redirect routes and header information for each URL. I must admit that I am using this extension for the year and this is almost "always active" in my browser.

11. Screaming Frog

The frog is one of the most popular desktop robots currently available. Many people do not understand that there is a free version that allows up to 500 URLs per scan. Although not paid as a paid version, it is ideal for small projects and small sites examination.

12. Screaming Frog Log File Analyzer

Most folks in the SEO space are familiar with Screaming Frog, but many do not realize that Frog a file analysis tool also offers independent and free registration. The free version is very strong but limited to 1000 lines.

13. SEOlyzer

SEOlyzer is a magazine analysis tool that is recommended by Adida Solace in Eddy's best podcast on Eddy, doing afternoon. SEOlyzer is a real registry analysis tool that includes interesting features such as real-time scanning and page ratings.

14. Xenu

To be honest, although Xenu does not believe it is at the top of any list of "free SEO tools". This Windows-based Desktop Tracker has changed dramatically in the past 10 years. He said, many people still love it and use it to use broken websites to find broken links. Shutter, I'm here for emotional reasons. Check it out.

15. Answer The Public

Hard to spoil. The answer to the public is an almost unusual environment of "humanity against card" in the interface. In any case, if you're getting it, contact me with our help address.

16. Keyword Explorer

OMG 500 million keyword tips, the industry's highest volume limitations. With the CTR data, Moz also gets the keyword's famous levels. With a free community Moz account, you have access to 10 questions per month. Each question contains a keyword certificate as well as 1000 keyword suggestions.

17. Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is designed for Google advertisers, but very useful information is still provided to SEO keyword planning. It uses Google's own data and has useful features like filtering countries. Approximate the volume and confusion of the competition (as it is for paid intrinsic).

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18. Keyword Shitter

Yes, it is called a shutter key. It writes that. That is, they say what he does and what he did. Enter Keywords and it will eliminate many keywords.

19. Keywords Everywhere

Install this browser extension for SEO's favourite Firefox browser or chrome and view volume keyword suggestions while browsing the web. It also works in the Google Search Console. This is necessary for the keyword to be encouraged.

20. Ubersuggest

Sometimes I make fun of Neil Patel because he does SEO in his pajamas. Maybe I'm sensitive because I do not even have a pajamas. Anyway, Neil captured Ubersuggest so long ago and gave them an important overall score. If you have not tried for a long time, it runs on the desired tips and offers a wide range of SEO features, such as basic data on pages and links to major rivals.

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