Heartland Rehab In November health and wellness tips

In November health and wellness tips

The colors of fall are beautiful, but at some point in time, the leaves will drop from the trees and the work begins. Before you grab the rake and get started cleaning up your yard, here are some tips to keep you safe and injury-free while raking leaves:

First, even though it is tempting to start raking as soon as the first few leaves fall, plan ahead and set aside time for this project. Also, choose the correct tools. There are a number of different rakes on the market now as well as the ability to use blowers and tools that suck up the leaves and grind them into mulch. So what is your tool of choice?


Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. We all love a holiday meal with our families – a warm turkey or ham just out of the oven, mashed potatoes covered in creamy gravy, stuffing and don’t forget those veggies – just remember to show your thanks to your body by maintaining a healthy diet through the holidays.


Take Care of Your Teeth

As you just spent weeks eating all of your Halloween candy, your teeth are certainly feeling it. Be sure to brush and floss at least twice daily, and especially after eating that delicious kettle corn you’ve been looking forward to. Avoid chewing on kernels as they can get stuck in your gums and cause discomfort, tooth breakage, and sometimes even infection.

Raking potentially can burn up to almost 300 calories per hour. That means your muscles are working. Just like working out at the gym or training for a particular sport, if we are going to challenge our muscles, we should always make sure we warm up before starting any physical activity or chore. Warm the muscles first by doing a little walk or some squats/lunges. Loosen the arms and shoulders by doing some arm circles and shoulder rolls, then do some simple stretches. This is all before even picking up the rake, blower, or mulcher.

As you rake, blow, or mulch, don’t forget about your posture, your movement, and the necessity to take frequent breaks. This gives your muscles a break. Just as important, make sure you give your body some fuel by eating and drink plenty of water to maintain hydration.

The arrival of fall tells us the holiday season is almost here. We all have good intentions to start planning early to avoid reaching the level of stress that we faced last year. What is stress? We know what triggers it, but what is it? Stress is a mix of emotional, physical, and behavioral responses that occur in situations. Stress is viewed as negative, but we can have positive responses to it. Stress can be motivating and can enhance performance. Excessive or chronic stress can have a negative impact on our health, potentially impacting blood pressure, memory, and concentration, and leading to depression and anxiety.

Don’t skip sleep. During the holidays, most people change their normal sleep patterns. Getting enough sleep helps decrease fatigue and stress. When we are over fatigued, we make poor choices and grab foods that may give us a quick burst of energy but have a very negative impact overall.

Don’t forget to exercise. Exercise is an excellent way to help handle stress and avoid weight gain. It can be difficult to find that 30 to 45 minutes for exercise, so try to get 10 minutes in a couple of times during the day. Also, take stairs instead of the elevator or escalator when you can. Park the car a little further and walk to your destination.

Don’t forget to breathe. Take time throughout the day to breathe. Stop and take a deep breath; take a moment to give yourself a different perspective.

Don’t fret the small stuff. It is holiday time, and we are going to be faced with opportunities for indulging in food and drink. Take steps to minimize the overindulgence. Make better choices while enjoying the time with family and friends. Moderation is and has always been the key.

Enjoy the season that is here, be safe, and be thankful for all the blessing that you have!

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