Winter Health Tips to Keep You Healthy

Are you looking forward to the holidays?

Unfortunately, getting sick could ruin your festive cheer. You’re more likely to get sick as the colder temperatures and wintry weather kicks in.

If you want to keep your holiday spirits up, you need to do everything you can to avoid getting an annoying cold or the dreaded flu.

Check out our winter health tips to help make sure you stay healthy throughout the winter.

1. Eat a Healthy Diet of Fruit and Veggies
Around 90% of Americans don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables. If you want to stay healthy through the winter, you need to improve your diet.

Drop salty snacks and sugary treats for more greens and whole foods. You can even eat typical winter veggies, such as carrots and potatoes, to keep your immune system healthy in the cold weather.

It’s no easy task to stay healthy in the winter. With falling temps, shorter days, endless holiday season commitments, and the fact that everyone around you seems to be sniffling, it can feel like a challenge to keep your energy levels up and fend off colds, the flu, or the seasonal depressive symptoms that peak in the winter months. That’s why it’s so important to develop rituals that keep you happy, healthy, and energized to take on one of the busiest seasons of the year.

We asked members of the Thrive community to share their best tips for staying mentally and physically healthy in the winter. Their tips will keep your mind and body in tip top shape to fully embrace the holiday cheer.

Plan holiday events early

“Planning out our holiday schedule in advance is one of the ways I stay mentally healthy in the winter. I’m easily overwhelmed, and as a wife and mom of three, I’ve found that mapping out our schedule is one of the ways I prevent myself from getting off balance and scrambling at the last minute. Holiday meals are important events in our family. Aside from choosing who will host the meal, the menu is just as important. I delegate certain tasks and keep track of who has committed to what, so I know that everything will turn out just right.”

—Brittany Chatman, lifestyle blogger, Tampa, FL

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